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Who wants a ticket to Dysney Land?21 December 2011

There are Chinese knockoffs, and then there are Chinese knockoffs. You may remember a few months ago that some fake Apple Stores were popping up all around China. They did a good job of it too, mostly stocking authentic products and accessories. Some even had the staff in the iconic blue shirts with name-tag lanyards. Who would have thought that something even more ballsy existed out there in the wild? Say hello to a fake Disneyland. Although it was never completed due to land disputes, they did a spectacular job of it. David Gray, over at Reuters did a great write up of this ghost-town-theme-park. The level of finish on some of the buildings looks amazing, and it is quite sad this was never completed. Mind you, it looks like a good location for a film; fantasy meets Chernobyl, I'd see that.