A dance of drones

When you image a dancing robot I’m sure most will picture a metal, bipedal character doing the, well, robot. It’s rigid, clumsy and so 1999.

Drones on the other hand – those quadrocopter flying machines – now they’re a robot with a sense of rhythm. Sparked, a video brought to you by the amazing choreographers over at the acrobatic-powerhouse, Cirque du Soleil, matches these floating, spectral machines with a human; creating a dance routine of floating lampshades and strobing lights. I find the relationship between the drones and the man absolutely mesmerising, and is a testament to how much finesse in movement can be achieved by the talented programmers behind the scenes (alongside the immaculate timings of the performer). Here’s hoping Cirque implement these hovering machines into their next stage show.

—Ash Morris