Designing for a modern Australia


The Australian flag is about the most controversial piece of Australian design that exists. The arguments – which are in no way unjust – are many, so I won’t use this space to outline the prominence of the Union Jack and the non-existence of any Indigenous Australian iconography (whoops!). Re-imagining the Australian flag is nothing new (I know I was instructed to do it at least 3 times over my primary and secondary eduction), what is new is a thoughtful, considered approach that is simultaneously striking and beautiful whilst also feeling very Australian and patriotic.

I stumbled upon Maegan Brown a couple of weeks ago and was immediately drawn to the approach she took. Created as part of an AGDA masterclass, Maegan was briefed to “re-design the Australian flag to represent a modern Australian identity”.


Although her approach is nothing groundbreaking, it is very well balanced and amazingly well executed. I think this all comes down to the initial intent of the design, one that Maegan explains as a need to capture the “essence of Australian culture/heritage whilst representing a modern Australian identity; the design promoting a sense of timelessness and familiarity. ” It’s all quite simple and succinct, allowing a sense of flexibility and appropriation that our current flag just doesn’t agree with.


Her reasoning behind every design decision is firmly rooted in Australian society and its history. It’s the most sound approach I have seen, and by far the most graphically appealing. Please, head over to her site and read about the project’s journey, it’s really quite something.

— Ash