Good working partnerships

One thing we try to do here at UF is to keep the relationships with our suppliers strong. When we find someone we like working with we’re not shy to tell them.

It’s a bit of a golden rule here that we treat the people we work with (our suppliers) as well as we treat our clients. If I could boil it down to why we work like this I would put it down to three things (because 3 is a nice neat number):

  • If the world was a magical place we would have all of the awesome people we love working with across Australia and the world right here in the studio with us. We like to work with the best of the best and usually that means they may be residing in Sweden or coding in Melbourne. Distance doesn’t keep us from joining forces to deliver work of the highest calibre.
  • The work we create is paramount, so if we find someone that works well with us, delivers to a high standard and pushes us to create even more amazing work then we hold on to that friendship and respect the relationship. These guys are not working for us, but rather with us and so we show them some appreciation.
  • Good people are hard to find.


Now you may be asking who this cat is? His name is Lasse and he belongs to William, a developer based in Sweden that we love working with. He has superpowers when it comes to the art of coding and is always up for a challenging brief. We sent him an Aussie care pack and here’s his cat Lasse getting sleepy among the Aussie flags.