A Vida Local

Connecting travellers with local guides

With disruptors like Airbnb, Uber and Trip Advisor flipping the travel industry on its head, travellers have become more independent, and are exploring the world on their terms. But with no hotel concierge desk to ask for help, and a mountain of online information available for every destination, it can sometimes be tricky to get off the beaten track and get to the authentic heart of a place.

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You can’t beat a little local knowledge, so A Vida Local are setting out to connect curious travellers with locals all over the world, helping them discover new experiences and get the answers they need to make the most of their trip. They just needed a little help fine-tuning their idea, and bringing their app to life.

Exploring exciting new territory

When tasked with creating a digital platform for A Vida Local, we took the MVP (minimum viable proposition) approach. By creating a digital platform with just the right balance of functionality, and simple user experience, we were able to best-place it for success in the market, while providing a valuable learning tool for the business.

Everything was built for purpose within the Laravel framework. Our custom-built marketplace app, with its simple layout, and minimal design, makes it easy for travellers and locals to connect, while the brand itself has a fresh, open feel, in keeping with the look of benchmark disruptor brands. Check it out at www.avidalocal.com

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.