A digital journey

Over the past few years we’ve been working with a number of different clients in digital and financial services. We’ve come to understand the space well. And as always we view everything we learn through a user-centric lens.

Thanks to technology, behaviours and habits that not long ago were a given, have today been completely disrupted. We email money. We tap, click and swipe transactions and we check our bank statements on the bus. We hug robotic pets called Jibo.

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Accenture came to us very much aware of the pace of change and wanted us to help them use the digital medium to engage with potential clients about that very topic, using a diagnostic tool. We were engaged to design the campaign that would target contacts across Australia’s big banks, structured with a ‘leading by example’ approach.

We helped them create a digital diagnostic campaign – The Everyday Bank Diagnostic.

We designed the campaign and worked with Accenture’s existing digital agency T-Mark to develop the diagnostic tool.

The Digital Landscape

We begin with a map showing the relevant areas of the digital landscape that the users can navigate. Whether you are concerned with Seamless Interactions, want to know more about the Internet of Things or the Mobile Wallet, this journey has you covered. You can choose to explore a few at a time or all in one go.

The tool also has data gathering purposes so once users complete the diagnostic, the data can be used to inform Accenture where the knowledge gaps are and where Accenture can help.

‘The Everyday Bank Diagnostic’ map has ten colour coded topics to explore, each consisting of quirky animated illustrations showing real-life scenarios. We loved working on these, they were so much fun and really helped bring the topics to life. A series of user-focused questions follows each illustration with quick and easy multiple choice or slide scale answers to select.


We gamified the user journey and provided downloadable case studies within each topic. As the user navigates their way through they get to explore some pertinent digital topics – convenience, access, relevance, information and interaction.

Along the way the story grows and the characters and illustrative style develops to guide you through your digital diagnostic.

Are you “digital ready”?

A final summary ends the journey with a ‘digital readiness’ scale showing the user how they rate, whilst setting out Accenture’s advanced digital capabilities. The user can then download all of the content including the case studies to take away, share the tool with their peers, email themselves their results or start all over again.

On a final note

With ecosystems rapidly redefining themselves, we love seeing organisational energies and creative briefs being geared towards interpreting the possibilities of digital in ways that make sense for customers; all the while integrating human-centered design thinking.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.