Art Series Hotels

The Creation of Place

Many things go into creating a sense of “place”. The recipe has to be just right: the right people with a great vision creating something with integrity and meaning. A vision that at project completion people are drawn to because as we know it’s people that create that sense of place.

We loved working on this project and are thrilled to see the hotels enjoying massive success ...and love from "the people" most importantly.

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On any project you always hope that what you create can be amplified beyond what you initially created. You know?

You imagine that you have handed over a strategy that the client can run with, add meaning to and champion; something which crystallises with time. For Art Series this is truly the case.

We were a tad star struck

John Olsen himself penned “Creature Comforts” for us.

We were blown away by the creative concepts presented by Universal Favourite at pitch stage. They presented an exciting creative solution that will set the hotel group apart and take it on to the world stage.

Mark Challis - Marketing Director, Art Series Hotel Group

As we completed the strategy and visual identity work on The Cullen and The Olsen we saw clear signs that we were handing over a brand which would be championed from inside the ship.

Your people also make up the brand

The Cullen recruitment strategy before launch was to specifically look for staff that embody the vision for The Cullen – “The Art of Living Fearlessly”, tattoos and piercings were welcomed along with a good take on hospitality of course.

Brand architecture – balancing the artists’ and the hotel’s brands

We wanted each hotel to embody the essence of the artist’s unique personality, approach and aesthetic while at the same time remaining true to the top-notch hospitality on offer.

This involved a fully integrated strategy including developing brand and messaging strategies, a launch campaign, identity and collateral across channels including website design.

Getting to know the artist

We had the pleasure of working with the artists along the way (Adam Cullen and John Olsen) to get their input for the design of the hotel identities.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.