Holroyd Asbestos Answers

Campaign identity for asbestos awareness

Asbestos Answers is the best place to find simple, quick answers to your questions about asbestos. This was a project begun to support Holroyd City’s focus on educating a broad section of the community on matters relating to asbestos in the home.

One of our objectives was to craft an identity and messaging that was very much “asbestos-aware” but which did not use any of the scare tactics normally used in telling the public about asbestos. This site takes a very different approach.

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Helping the residents of Bestville

The concept we came up with was about gamification. On the homepage you will find “Bestville” – a street with eight scenarios which you can explore. As you answer the questions correctly you help the residents of Bestville live safely with asbestos. Answer all eight correctly and you get a certificate!

We aimed to create a practical and useful resource for all visitors, that held succinct and informative content.

Game play

As you click on a scene from the Bestville street we zoom into the scenario at hand where the question pops up. As you mouse over the multiple choices you are given bubbles of information to choose between. And if the answer you choose is correct…


The scenario reloads to show the happy residents of Bestville. Job well done.

Community focus

Asbestos is a delicate topic and there are plenty of things to be aware of when dealing with asbestos in the home. Although this site can’t provide all of the information it is a good starting point to get an insight into how best to manage living with it or disposing of it.

Angry neighbours

This is one of our favourite characters living in Bestville. He is not a happy chappy and no wonder! No one likes to see their neighbours dumping asbestos illegally. Many things make up for a happy community and being aware of each other’s impact is part of the equation.

Insight into our process

We were going for a website that was human, upbeat and conversational. We wanted to position the “be aware” message around asbestos in a different tone and also create some resources in other languages – you will see downloadable PDFs on the site in Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Hindi and Tamil.

Content rich

If you navigate through the rest of the site you’ll see plenty of content to read and explore. Asbestos is not a light topic so there is more to this site than Bestville and its residents.

We began this project with a digital strategy to define how best to get all of the content across in a succinct and informative way while also adding a visual identity to the whole initiative.

We hope you find Asbestos Answers useful.

Fight the Dust

As part of an overall council strategy we also designed an identity for “Fight the Dust”. This is Holroyd City Council’s overall campaign to raise awareness about asbestos through information nights, organised collection of asbestos waste and of course our educational website – Asbestos Answers.

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