Bankwest Merchant Services

B2B campaigns

We’ve been working with the team at Bankwest Merchant Services for the last couple of years. What you'll see below is an insight on how we developed a series of campaigns that launched their new technologies to existing and prospective merchants.

At the heart of it this is a B2B campaign strategy, talking directly to the digital advancements that have made some amazing things possible in the payments space.

The work was extensive so here's a snippet.

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The merchant services industry is no exception to the exciting digital advancements taking place across many industries, with Bankwest Merchant Services leading the charge on bringing new opportunities to its merchants.

Putting businesses at the forefront of technology

The strategy needed to reflect the brand’s smarts, insights, leadership and partnership approach.

The campaigns were all about demonstrating how Bankwest Merchant Services understands how business needs to be done today. Bankwest is helping merchants realise greater business success by giving them access to the latest payment technologies and customised solutions that meet their unique needs.

Working with the existing brand guidelines, the visual and verbal tone was casual, informative and insightful.

Campaign messaging

On the cusp of regulatory changes in the industry Bankwest Merchant Services are focused on how their innovations turn mandatory regulations into business opportunities.

Through a series of short headlines we used the campaign to position Bankwest Merchant Services as a leader in the payments industry – with new products and services that make life so much easier for patrons, merchants and their staff.

Splitting the bill?

It was fun visualising the Pay-at-table feature.

This add-on app, conveniently allows you to pay at your table, split the bill with a friend and on top of that you each get a receipt. Fancy that? No more dirty looks from the staff when you ask to split the bill. The technology has caught up and is leading the way to easier payment options.

Bringing more to the table

We designed a printed piece to explain to merchants how the new Pay-at-table application works. It’s easy to navigate, with tabs explaining each aspect of the new technology.


In the signature Bankwest Merchant Services style, we enhanced the reading experience through icons and illustrations.

So at a glance a merchant can see that splitting bills might enhance their tips!

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.