IT contractors at your fingertips

Bench is a new way for businesses to quickly find reliable IT contractors for projects, without having to go through recruitment agencies. Through their website and app, they streamline resourcing for technology businesses, while providing IT contractors a valuable new sales channel.

With the industry increasingly becoming ‘mobile first’, we were tasked with optimising the Bench app to improve the design, interface and user experience, on both desktop and mobile.

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Turning it on and off again

We kicked things off by getting up close and under the hood of the existing app to see where we could make improvements. Our audit identified some key points where we could enhance user-flow, particularly around the onboarding experience, where we decided to step-out and explain more clearly the signup process, and introduce progress bars to help navigate the journey.

In terms of design, we wanted to keep things professional, but feel less corporate. We introduced a clean, fresh look that was invitingly straightforward, with a modern, approachable mobile-friendly typeface (Rubik). A businesslike burgundy colour palette was accented with a pop of neon. The vibrant green, blue and tangerine did more than just dial up the energy, it helped communicate key elements of the UI.

Time for a chat?

We designed a chat functionality that allowed administrators to talk to bidders and quickly accept or decline bids as they may fancy.

With a simple illustrative icon system for notifications, big bold sliders and juicy round buttons that are irresistible to press, we made sure the fresh, upbeat design was both functional and engaging, whatever device it was viewed on.

The other side of the fence

We wireframed and designed the interface for contractors too – the ones who are going to be bidding on briefs and selling their skills.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.