Expect great things

As technologies change, so too do our behaviours. Consequently we expect better ways to do things – from the ways we travel, to the ways we listen to music, to the ways we shop and buy things.

This behavioural evolution is the concept for the Cashcard campaign.

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We expect more from our devices

For decades, the ATM has been used for nothing more than getting cash out. Any good design thinker knows that we expect more from our devices, and so too should we of the ATM.

Confronting this lack of innovation in the industry at large, Cashcard (owner and operator of a national ATM fleet, powered by First Data) are making some BIG changes. They’re realising the untapped potential of that big box in the corner.

A two phased campaign

Together we created a campaign concept, identity and messaging.

Phase 1… Hello B2B

We’re educating merchants around the value of the new offer for their business and for their customers.

We crafted the messaging and designed the two-part direct mail pieces, and incorporated the concept into the website.

A big part of the conversation is between the sales team and customers, so we designed a new sales brochure that better facilitates this dialogue.

Phase 2… Next was making you (the user) aware

We extended the campaign messaging and design into a number of different designs to be (played) on the ATM screens, and communicate the ATM’s new features – including mobile prepaid top-up, gift vouchers, and seeing their withdrawal amount in their own currency.

Nifty huh?

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.