Redefining a brand space

CoMa are an independent interior architecture studio. With one of the founders at the helm, they design engaging spaces that mix function, form and feeling.

For over a decade, CoMa have been creating retail environments that spark a dialogue with people and trigger positive emotions. But when it came to marking their own territory, they needed a little help with their brand.

We were invited to find a way to better express the energy and passion they put into every project. Starting by considering a strong, yet authentic mantra for the business, we got to the heart of what they are all about and came up with the phrase ‘creating wisdom and wonder’ as our guiding principle, and a great snapshot of what CoMa do.

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Lines of beauty

Architecture is a rich, complex field. But break it down, and it’s all about lines. From horizon lines and detailed plans, to the eye-lines of customers in a retail store. So taking dynamic lines as our cue, we created an eye-catching new logo, a distinctive custom typeface and a unique visual system.

Carrying the lines across to the CoMa team’s business cards, we created a series of stunning letterpressed business cards on 600gsm Crane Lettra; a sumptuous cotton paper stock finished with a blind stamp and edge painting.

Drawing inspiration from the thin black lines in a chair designed by Japanese studio Nendo, we created an illustration style that added depth and a personal touch to the CoMa collateral.

These flourishes work well in online channels, where they add character to the simple, sophisticated platform we created. The custom type-face means CoMa can also easily create word-based Instagram posts, growing their following and promoting their design credentials, to a wider audience.

As a result of the rebrand, the CoMa team tell us there’s been a real sense of renewed energy and confidence, followed by some exciting new business wins. We’re thrilled we’ve managed to evoke such an emotional response, from a studio that puts feeling at the heart of everything they do.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.