Keeping pace with change

Over 30 years, Dashing have made the transition from small Sydney print business, to full service creative solutions agency. Their passion for technology, and responsiveness to changes in the business environment, has seen them partner with a diverse range of big name clients, including Seafolly, David Jones and Sony.

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Dashing tasked us with helping them redesign their website, to help it better reflect their broadening offering, and mark their evolution from Dashing Print, to Dashing Group. We responded with a simple, easy to navigate contemporary site, that puts their best work front and centre.

Striking portfolio imagery becomes a core focus, making it easy to experience Dashing’s specialties, while accompanying client case studies help drive the narrative.

On a practical level, this modular approach offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness. It’s easy for the Dashing team to manage content through WordPress, giving them all the independence they need to proudly showcase their work. (After all, they’re a team of passionate creatives too, so we couldn’t have all the fun.)

To ease navigation between areas within each department, we’ve implemented a dropdown navigator that shows what is in each at a glance.

Dashing are able to identify and apply appropriate traditional press and digital technology processes to client campaigns in order capture the market. We wanted to put forward their different angles — discover all sides of the team on their about page with just a mouseover.

Dashing have been through a number of milestones to reach where they are today, read all about it in their timeline — something we made sure they had full control over.

From start to finish Universal Favourite were efficient, organised and wonderfully creative. Yula and her team project managed the website build with great patience and enthusiasm. Overall it was a great experience working with UF, and we are very happy with the result.

Gemma Caprioli - Marketing Director, Dashing Group

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