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The travel insurance space is a crowded one, and if you have visited a few, you’ll noticed that they all start to blend together. Fast Cover needed to stand out from the crowd and do things differently (and better!) while providing the best user experience possible. Briefed with making the site as fast and simple as possible, the UF team got to work in isolating the key components of the application process and removing as many barriers to entry as possible.

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Unique user flow

Fast and simple. These were the two words that stood behind every decision made. From the user flow to the navigation, everything had to feel as seamless and intuitive as possible. We achieved this in a multiple ways, but the key area of our efforts went into the application process. Like all insurance companies, there are a lot of key questions that need to be answered before providing a legitimate quote. Unlike the competitors, we opted to not show the users every question at once. Rather, at the start we would only ask of them two questions, then once invested, pace them through the rest of the process with encouraging language and inviting visuals.

Keeping it fun

Travelling generally means you’re off on a holiday. You are planning accomodation, flights, tours and places you’re going to eat. You are excited! And then you go and book your travel insurance and all that excitement comes crashing down as you consider the likelihood of being stuck in Peru with a broken leg and food poisoning. Not fun. We wanted to put the joy and excitement of travel back into insurance. Out went all the standard form elements and stock photography and in came bright illustrations, juicy buttons and copy that was familiar and approachable.

Where are you going?

During the application process the illustration would shift depending on the selections the user has made. Going to Europe? Here is a Vespa, a beret and some breadsticks. Or off to the snow? You’re now all rugged up and ready to go snowboarding.

Going on multiple trips?

Although most users will only purchase insurance for a single trip, we needed to make sure the flow catered for people who travelled a lot during the year and would like coverage for the entire time.

Change your quote at any point

Forgotten something? Got the dates wrong? You can change the quote at any point in the process using the sticky summary at the top of the page.

Illustration style.

The Fast Cover mantra of keeping everything simple extended to the illustrations. Geometric shapes and a simple colour palette allowed us to maintain a playful tone and prevented us going down an overly detailed and distracting route.

Responsive site

Necessary for the traveller on the go, the Fast Cover site was designed with every device in mind. On your phone in Bali? All good. On a desktop in Argentina. We got you.

We chose Universal Favourite because we wanted something different from a normal insurance website. We wanted something that represented our core values of fast and simple as well as keeping things fun. We wanted something to make us stand out from the crowd. Universal Favourite delivered on all counts. Our customers love the new website and we've seen a significant uplift in business since the update.

Dean Van Es — Fast Cover

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