Fifty Acres

Brand development

We defined a bold new direction for this business by creating for it a new brand. We love the stuff brands are made of and we love crafting them. Put simply this was a rebrand – an evolution of a business that was already doing well for itself and moving up the ranks.

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What’s in a rebrand?

The main goal of any brand strategy project is to establish the direction of travel for the business: in this case we also had to work out what elements from the existing brand are best leveraged to get the business where it wants to go.

Top that off with defining how you frame up what’s truly differentiating and compelling about the brand.

With all of the pieces in place (the brand strategy), we had the right platform to create an identity that translated Jo and her team’s flair, drive and skill-sets.

About the new identity

The identity was a big shift for the brand. From a more subtle, softly-spoken and elegant look, the new identity is bright, bold and an authority on all things communications.

The different elements which make up the new identity are a visual translation of big picture thinking matched with absolute attention to every detail, as well as the cross over of city-life and farm-living.

We balanced bold and stunning aerial photography (thanks to Fairfax Media) with a series of carefully crafted whimsical icons that reflect the agency’s approach.

The Fifty Acres Headquarters

Their headquarters is on a 50 acre farm just outside of our Aussie Capital Canberra but there is nothing small-town about this agency or their vision – quite the opposite actually.

The Fifty Acres guys work from many different locations across Australia and are big supporters of teleworking. We made sure to communicate this across all brand messaging.

Responsive design

It’s the thing to do. Take care of your mobile audiences.

We’ve recently designed artwork to be placed on a NSW Polocrosse team uniform and a bumper sticker for the convoy’s road trip up to Darwin for the championships. And yes we even designed a tea towel! (above)

Universal Favourite took us from our unformed desire to rebrand - nurturing it into something extraordinary. From the beginning through research, market understanding, name recommendations, design and website development they were amazing. Their creative genius competes with agencies 10 times their size. UF's ability to project manage and deal with each and every issue along the way, big or small, made them an absolute joy to work with. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.  

Jo Scard - Director, Fifty Acres

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