First Data Merchant Solutions

The payments specialists

Following the end of a 10-year partnership powering Bankwest Merchant Services, First Data was ready to reinvent it's existing merchant services, long operating in the American, Asian, and European markets, to Australia.

The campaign ran across various channels with a series of customer touchpoints all designed to excite clients, employees and channel partners. Here's how we launched First Data Merchant Solutions, placing them top-of-mind as the payments specialists.

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Interface designSite design
Positioning the brand in Australia

Starting from the ground up with the brand’s strategy, following insights from what competitors are doing right, what First Data Merchant Solutions could be adding, and the best positioning for it to lead. We defined and clarified the brand’s core values, its offers, messaging, and how each experience is created and delivered to key audiences.
This was the opportunity for First Data Merchant Solutions to ‘get back into’ the market and get people talking (again).

Capturing the products and experience

It’s always refreshing getting out of the studio, and we took the chance to produce the brand’s own imagery (death to the stock photo!) with excitement.
We worked with commercial photographer, Tanya Zouev, in-studio and on location, to capture the brand’s products and customer experience. Art directing and coordinating the resources (First Data’s, Tanya’s, the merchants’ and ours) was a task we were up to conquering — in which resulted in a library of exclusive, on-point images for use in all collateral.

For existing clients

It was vital we communicated that the change in service provider was a no-fuss, smooth-sailing experience for existing clients, requiring little or no effort on their part.
Over 10,000 copies of the welcome kit were printed on different weights of Mohawk Superfine, one of our favourite paper stocks. We had to be fastidious with press checks on such a large print run, supported by one of our most trusted print production companies.

Digital touchpoints

Merchants were led to the launch website and encouraged to explore what’s best for their business using the interactive product explorer, built with parallax, as each solution is specialised for industry-specific needs.
The interactive product explorer now exists on First Data Merchant Solution’s home page and continues to be a dynamic touchpoint in displaying the brand’s offerings.

We reached out by email as well to ensure all viable touchpoints were covered and every existing merchant was in the loop on the change.

For employees

We delivered the news to employees with, well, news! All were warmed up with daily desktop wallpapers, featuring their new photography, counting down to the day of launch and treated to a morning paper as they arrived on launch day.

Big paper for big news

The traditional broadsheet-sized newspaper featured all that needed to be told about First Data Merchant Solutions; a word from the man on top, John McCann; the ‘Project Bond’ team, as it was called internally, who made it happen; industry-specific insights from the Australian team and international offices; and of course, a custom-made find-a-word, horoscopes and (admittedly made-up) weather with iconography you won’t find elsewhere.

A sizzling launch

The Sydney office was invited, in style, to a barbecue lunch, marking the launch of First Data Merchant Solutions. Adding to the hype was the chance for employees to test their wit in communicating what the new brand is, and win Bravo points!

For channel partners

This box-set came packed with a fold-out leaflet outlining what channel partners needed to know about the new brand and what that means for their mutual merchants.
The chocolates and box packaging were sourced from different suppliers so we had to up our resourcefulness in finding the right fit to prevent the package looking mismatched.

A little something sweet

Nothing like custom-wrapped chocolate as sweet thanks for being long-term referral partners.

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