Further Together

Joining forces to help NSW

The New South Wales Government regularly puts the provision of community support services out to tender. But it’s rare that one provider has the specialisms they need in-house to cater for all the needs of some of Australia’s most vulnerable people. That’s why many government bids are won by a consortium of service providers.

Further Together is one such consortium. A new not-for-profit venture created to bid on the provision of disability services in NSW, it’s a joint project whose founding members are Aftercare, LiveBetter, Cram Foundation, New Horizon, Samaritans Foundation and The Disability Trust. They’re united in a desire to ensure disabled people and their carers maintain control, and choice, as NSW transitions to the NDIS.

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Like any newly formed large group, it takes time for things to come together. So we were brought on board to create a united brand for the new venture, enabling them to move forwards as one, and bid for the tender as a collective force.

It all starts with a name

Our first challenge was to come up with a name that captured the spirit of what the consortium was hoping to achieve, while feeling credible to all stakeholders – communities, partners and government. As the consortium represent a diverse mix of specialisms, it was also important the name didn’t weigh too heavily on any one area of expertise.

We presented a wide range of names, but ultimately in the name of clarity, a descriptive name was chosen. Further Together expresses a wide range of ideas, from how the consortium is more than the sum of its parts, to how end-users of the service can move life forwards thanks to the support they receive. Alone we can go fast. Together, we can go far.

Onwards and upwards

With a name in place, we could crack on with bringing the brand to life. We wanted the identity to feel bright, optimistic and fresh, so in contrast with many government health programs which can be full of doom and gloom, or have a cold clinical feel, our colour palette was composed of warm purples, bright blue, cinnamon and teal.

To support the idea of helping communities thrive, matched with the name, we designed a progressive look and feel. A simple step device was created to suggest advancement and partnership, while a building blocks pattern was designed, suggesting the interlocking partnership at the heart of everything consortium does.

A wide range of secondary patterns was also created, not only to help add visual texture, but to enable the team to apply a slightly different feel to specific communities or service offerings.

It all comes to life on the website, which we created. Take a look right here: furthertogether.com.au

We set out to ultimately create an approachable, human-centric identity for such an organisation. Below is a sampling of our exploratory process…

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.