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Every man and his dog is concerned about the state of our environment, which is a good sign!

So a proactive City Council should anticipate what resources they'll need to support a sustainable approach for their communities. In this instance Holroyd City came to us with a vision to create a dedicated resource on all things environmental. Like a couple of their other projects, we see this one having a wider reach, especially the Food Waste & Organics Quiz and the "What can I do with?" section, but more on both down the page.

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Holroyd is a long time client and we love them!

We’ve worked with the Environmental team at Holroyd City Council on a couple of projects to date—the Asbestos Answers website featuring Bestville and the Love Your Leftovers food movement that swept up some attention from Apple “Best of 2013”.

Now it came time to tackle some environmental issues and we were pumped!

And isn’t a “Headquarters” the kind of place you imagine having badges? We did…

Digital strategy

We began the project with a Digital Strategy Workshop to outline some of the key objectives. We aimed to create an educational resource that provides good content and informs people on why they should care about waste and recycling. We had buckets of information so we came up with a structure that included mega-menus and which led the user into the site with a choice of two things under each meaty topic – “Learn about” and “Get involved”.

This website was to be the main resource for information on waste, sustainability and recycling for the council, with a 70% focus on waste (dumping, food waste, etc).

Have a look!

What can I do with…?

Have you ever thought that when making your way to the recycling bins with a battery or coat hangers? You know that moment, a tinge of guilt just before you place it in the general waste bin? Hmmh?

Well Holroyd knew all about the dilemma its residents were having so here you go! A whole section dedicated to helping you figure out how to appropriately dispose of your waste items. Check out the “What can I do with?” section.

So what is the council doing about it?

One objective to meet was to show Holroyd’s quarterly impact and activity, hence the infographic welcomes you to the homepage showing how much the council has saved over the last quarter.

Plan your content carefully – it makes for a seamless user journey

In dealing with such a content rich site we had to ensure that the pathways to get what you came for were clear. Along with using our workshopping time to do some “card sorting” of the website content we worked up some user stories by which we could go back and test the efficacy and ease of use of the website. Some user stories were:

“As a student I need to cut and paste graphs and stats to my reports and assignments, and I need to download existing information/PDFs.”

“As an engaged resident I need to know what the council is doing for the environment and I need to see the community notice board.”

“As a family we need to avoid having to call the council for information.”

Environmentalism all the way

Our aim was to create an overall positive website with positive tone and visual language, which encouraged involvement from the engaged members of community.

Only recently launched, this is set to become a great resource for school kids and any keen residents of Holroyd.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.