Growing Cities

Junglefy was born out of the growing demand for green walls and roofs but also from personal passion for Mother Nature and plants that can flourish in an Australian urban environment.

We often work on these types of projects — when the time is ripe for a business and it's in a stage of sustained growth and ready to rebrand and position better in their category.

Brand manifestoBrand strategy Identity systemLogo & brandmarksPrint design
IA & wireframingInterface design

Junglefy were ready to elevate the conversations they were having with their clients and engaged us to help them tell their story. We created a strong new visual identity for a company that was making it’s mark in industry and academia through large-scale projects and involvement in thought leadership.

It begins with brand

And doesn’t it always? It begins with the story you want to tell. We helped Junglefy structure their story and developed the brand’s manifesto.

Fancy a brochure?

This brand story and manifesto informed the content of the first piece of collateral off the ranks. This large format brochure (above) had an interesting fold to house a postcard sized case study. We led with the message of “Growing Cities”.

Website design & build

We evolved the identity further through the design of the website. How could we best tell the story of Junglefy with enough vision to position them where they want to go? Have a look below…

Photography & art direction

We really enjoyed working on the photography for the site. We created a system by which we could present the materials, textures and colours that Junglefy work with day to day.

Abstract fuzzy green patch on concrete

We shot some imagery consisting of man made and organic materials, explored in abstract compositions to add depth and style to the website design.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.