Social image-sharing app

According to the research there are over 3 billion photos taken each day. As of the third quarter of 2014 the fastest-growing social platforms were photo-first.

This trend, along with a growing awareness about privacy and the desire for tighter control of personal data (especially photos), gave birth to Lenslife. We really enjoyed working on this image-centric social networking platform.

Lenslife is focused on empowering users to protect their privacy and reputation while having picture conversations.

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Dari and his design team are among the most talented creative minds in Australia. What’s more, they are a pleasure to work alongside, providing unparalleled professional and technical support through an otherwise challenging experience.

Nicholas Wright - Founder, Lenslife
The brief

The brief was to create something in keeping with iOS7, giving a nod to its design features and so we began! Shortly thereafter iOS8 happened. And so we pushed the idea of image based conversations even further with what this new look allowed for from a visual perspective.

Control over who sees your picture conversations

This private photo messaging app allows you the ability to delete photos you’ve already shared. And the photos always remain with the comments. A must have for keeping it all in context! You always own and have control of your photos in this app.

Photo moments

If a moment is fleeting, send an ephemeral ‘peek’ message that disappears forever once viewed. If a moment is lasting, send a direct ‘private’ message that gets stored in your shared conversation streams. Regret sending that ‘private’ message at anytime in the future? Well you can remote-delete it from both your and their lives in a matter of seconds.

What if someone takes a screenshot?

Well we had fun with that. If you take a screenshot of the app it’ll come up with a warning the first time you do it. And the person who’s account you took a screenshot of will get notified so they can hurl abuse at you or alternatively choose to “punish” you through the app. They are in turn allowed to delete one of your images as punishment.

With all the fun and games aside, there’s a sophisticated server set up to balance interactions and performance of the app so the usability and performance is seamless.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.