Love Your Leftovers

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This project has become a movement—a movement to Love Your Leftovers. What originally began as a cookbook has now turned into an internationally used app that is seeing huge success with more than 40,000 downloads and counting.

Selected by Apple in Best of 2013 for Beautiful Cookbooks, it’s free to download, so try it out.

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The story began when Brooke from Holroyd City Council approached us about an idea she had for her project for the Love Food Hate Waste initiative, which is a government-run project supporting councils to educate the public on exactly that, less food waste.

We were going to create more than just a cookbook.

Talking to the elders

Brooke had a great idea of getting the community on board for this project, and went about talking to some of the generation that had survived the great depression and got some great insight into how to use food economically and with respect.

Each recipe begins with using your leftovers.

We loved seeing the recipes come together and were often looking out for the latest she’d send through about the interviews with the community elders, their photos, stories and tips.

The Leftovers were loved

The project was a great success and became the poster child for the Love Food Hate Waste initiative. Brooke has travelled around Australia to spread the word on this project.
And then…!

“Can you make this into an app?”

Why yes, yes we can!

About a year after we completed the cookbook we joined forces again to create the Love Your Leftovers app.

We had to look closely at the user experience and how it differed within this environment (compared to a book), plus how to make that search for a recipe seamless. The decision was made that the home screen had to be single minded and simple – hence your journey begins with one question – “What’s your leftover?”

Exploring icon design…

Thanks Apple!

The app is often featured on the iTunes store under “Food & Drink”, “Beautiful Cookbooks” and “Kids Corner”.

Best of 2013

This sure did make our day when we got the news. The LYLO app was selected by Apple as Best of 2013 for “Beautiful Cookbooks”.

Designed and developed for iPhone, iPad and with the EPA’s involvement in 2016, we’ve translated this for Android as well.

In addition to making it available to Android users, we’ve added a Meal Planner and Shopping List to make the app the go-to tool to get real about preventing food waste.

Send in your recipe!

If you are nifty with your leftovers then you can also contribute to the app—send in your recipe here.

Both the app and website are playing part in the food waste minimization movement in NSW—our users are already telling us how they love this app and website, that the graphics are incredible, the layout easy to follow, and of course the recipes fantastic!

Carmen Bennett - Environmental Health & Waste Education Officer, Holroyd City Council

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.