Reconsidering goon

At UF we’re all for unique user experiences. Recently, we’ve been feeling as though the humble goon bag has room for innovation. Cask wine has a distinct identity built around its foil pillow construction, and we saw an opportunity to bring the pillow to the fore and revive it into something appealing for a new market. Our product design Magellan celebrates the cask.

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Our first step to get out and do some bottle-shop research, analysing the design of boxed wine and how we could revive it for a new audience. We thought about how people use goon – how do people drink it? where do they take it? and what prevents them from wanting to buy it? How could we use visual design to make someone want to buy a goon bag?

In the packaging design process, we explored many options, including designs that incorporated a box, no box, faceted designs and prisms.

From a design and functionality perspective, we preferred a triangular pyramid foil bag design for its portability, stability and unconventional shape.


We defined several brand and visual concepts for the design and narrowed it down to two – the first being ‘Flagonia’, derived from goon’s namesake, the flagon. Flagonia was the brand name and a fictional district where this wine originates – a mountainous land where wine is bountiful. We developed artwork for red and white wine packaging.

The second concept (which we chose to pursue) was the ‘Road Less Travelled’, the notion of taking the lesser known route and buying a unique goon bag instead of a bottle. From this, the aesthetic of abstract rugged landscapes inspired by the colours and flavours of wine blends was born. We renamed the brand ‘Magellan’ for succinctness and symbolism – Ferdinand Magellan was an intrepid explorer who forged his own path, as the first person to sail around the world.

We wanted the construction to be functional but not conventional. The quintessential pouring tap still remains, but the the triangular prism-shaped pillow is now constructed from thick sturdy aluminium. The design includes a leather riveted carry handle for portability.

The Magellan drinker

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the rise of craft beer, boutique breweries and bottled cocktails – consumers are looking for something different. The Magellan drinker is a person who seeks out unique experiences and likes to share them with friends. At a bottle shop they’d gravitate towards Magellan as a talking point that they could bring on a camping trip, a festival or to a dinner party.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.