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As an art consultant, Mark Hughes needs to build a personal rapport with clients, guiding them on an art appreciation journey that enables them to build unique collections of their own.

Our task was to help communicate this proposition clearly, with a flexible identity and updated website that builds trust in Mark’s credentials.

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As founder and lead consultant, Mark plays a strong active role in the business, so as much as anything, we were helping build a personal brand for him. Built around a concept of “the language of art”, we wanted to capture the feeling of a blank canvas, ready to be filled with imagination that could go in any direction, without featuring any specific artworks, or expressing a leaning towards any particular artistic style.

For most art lovers, the real appreciation comes from an understanding of artists, their process, evolving styles, contextual narratives, and their own personal connection to it. It’s an ever-changing narrative, so we wanted Mark’s brand to reflect this constant state of evolution.

We chose a mix of soft pastels, punchier brights, and plenty of warm, yet neutral shades throughout the colour palette, to support the fluid nature of Mark’s work, and its ability to seamlessly span genres and tastes to create a cohesive whole.

Opening up the conversation, typography is large, layered, and given movement to reflect the continuous rapport between Mark and his clients, while the predominant use of black adds gravitas and authority, offsetting some of the more avant garde subject matter.


The joy of art is its openness to interpretation. The pleasure in design, is how effortless it makes communication. By fusing our experience with Mark’s, we’ve helped Mark Hughes Art Advisory position their business at the forefront of an industry grounded in relationships and creative expression.

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"Working with Universal Favourite on our new visual identity and website was a pleasure. Communication was clear, friendly and timely, and they approached our project with maximum care and minimum ego. The team were also great with keeping us within budget, and letting us know which design and implementation choices would result in additional costs. Our new website has allowed us to promote and expand new areas of our business, and we’ve received a lot of compliments on the design."

Mark Hughes Art Advisory

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