Mentor By Lawyers

A web app for lawyers

We designed and built this online service for Mentor By Lawyers. They came to us with a hard and fast deadline and we were up for the challenge.

By signing up to Mentor, lawyers can get access to a large knowledge base and all of the published Q&As. The primary feature is the ability to post a question and get help from Mentor's lawyers on any case issues that arise in general practice (this is where the 'Mentor' comes in). See for yourself at

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How it works

As a lawyer all you need to do is subscribe and pay a fee in order to get access to the “ask a question” page. Once the question to do with your case issue is posted you’ll get prompt input from an experienced colleague (one of the Mentors). You can ask as many questions as you like once you’ve signed up for the service.

The design

To give you some insight the design phase of this project was relatively straight forward. It was in the development phase that it got juicy, but more on that soon enough.

We wireframed and then designed everything, including the icons for each area of law (above). The website app is responsive – designed and built for iPad and mobile.

We also began work on their email comms and designed a couple of HTML emails for notifications and sign-ups. Obviously, you’ll have to sign-up to see that part!

A substantial knowledge base

Mentor has over 40 lawyers across Australia who are specialists – this means they are able to provide guidance on questions based on laws of every state in the country.

Designing for the admin – the Mentor lawyers

We put emphasis on the admin part of this website – working hard on the user flow and user journeys of how these questions would be answered and processed in the back-end. The core of the service is the ability to ask a question and get an answer hence we needed to ensure that an admin (Mentor) would be able to manage the system and their service/product with ease! Efficiently and intuitively Mentor needed to be across seeing the question, assigning it, answering, editing and publishing it.

Building and developing this web app

All editing of content, creation of new pages and administering of Q&As and subscribers is done within a custom-built admin area built with Laravel. Laravel was recently voted as the number one PHP framework by Sitepoint.

The question asked goes through quite a systematic process in the back-end, moving from “unanswered” to “answered” and “unpublished” (where it gets striped of any confidential information) to “published”. It can also get selected to be the “question of the week”, and potentially make a debut as you’ll see above.

Microdata and social media

Instead of picture-less sharing links that show irrelevant information (like some legal sites), this site is optimised for a great sharing experience. Admins can share rich posts on ‘questions of the week’ with the simple click of a button.

And the results are in

With clever engineering and smart platform decisions, we delivered a website that’s quicker to load than most of it’s peers.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.