The Not Bored Games

Our way of gifting

We love gifting our clients something creative and fun each holiday season so every year we set to work creating a bespoke and unique gift.

Bringing the board (or rather, not bored) game back for good, our latest gift ‘The MMXIII Not Bored Games’ was a unique collection of ludicrous games including the ‘Hills Hoist Facelift’ and ‘Uh Oh Spaghetti O’.

We had a blast devising the games, taking the photos and putting it all together.

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We can’t take ourselves too seriously

Approaching the project we always knew the design direction we were after. The contents and the games themselves are just plain silly.

So we decided to celebrate the boring and juxtapose ugly, everyday objects used to play the games with slick, clean and ‘fashion-esque’ packaging.

The dedicated instruction booklet & scorecard

We thought this was very necessary. Games have to be played by the rules!

You have to look beyond the spaghetti. This is where the focus lies.

Dari - Director & Not Bored Game Champion, Universal Favourite

It’s bloopers time!

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.