The Outdoor Media Association

A glowing report

Representing and promoting 90% of Australia’s outdoor media operators, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) publishes an annual report that not only covers its financials, but showcases the industry’s achievements over the year.

With the rise in digital advertising, 2016 was seen as a pivotal year for the industry in terms of growth, paving the way for continued success. To help mark the change, the OMA wanted their annual report to pull out all the stops, so invited us to help give it a strong visual direction.

Information designPrint design

A big part of our brief was to break from their usual formal format to make the report human and engaging, with relatable stories, and a sense of what it’s like to work with the OMA.

To do this, we approached the report with a more editorial angle, restructuring and reducing content as much as possible, and making room for big, bold imagery.

Making things easier on the eye was a key consideration. Using plenty of images, dynamic graphs, infographics and case studies, we created points of interest on the pages that stood out from the figures, and told the bigger story.

When it came to the typeface, we added a new cut to the OMA brand toolkit, an elegant serif that worked well with Gotham, their existing brand typeface, keeping the tone authoritative, but approachable, while sign-posting a clear messaging hierarchy.

The pages themselves were clean and crisp, with contrasting green and white echoing the brand colours, while we cherry-picked key stats and stories to call out with big, conversational headlines.

With our help, the OMA transformed their annual report into a real eye-catcher – perfectly in step with the nature of their business.

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