People + Culture Strategies

A different kind of law firm

We knew that People + Culture Strategies were not your average law firm as soon as we walked in to have the first meeting. These guys are all about fostering partnerships with their clients and this sentiment comes across from our experiences with them.

They came to us with a brief to create a new website and create a digital presence that more closely aligned with who they are at the moment.

Identity systemIcon designInformation design
Digital strategyIA & wireframingResponsive
From content heavy to infographic rich!

We began with a website strategy workshop with the wider team. Our aim was to rethink the architecture and condense what was a very content heavy website to create a better online experience.

When we got into the design we created one clear and strong infographic to explain their unique offering or process.

Mobile friendly

The site is responsive, it’s of course been built for optimum mobile viewing.

Easy content management

The brief called for easy content management and for this site we went with MODx, making it super easy for People + Culture to update the website and publish articles.

Guiding the visitor through the online experience

The interface design uses simple information filtering (drop down menus and accordions) to prevent clutter and show users only what they want to know or seek.

Reasons to celebrate

We hit the deadline, delivered a project and website the client was very happy with.

Kate, #greatworkingwithyou!

Here’s a pic of the cupcakes we sent over to help celebrate the launch of the website, which is already getting great feedback.

Feedback from the new site has been awesome! Our clients are loving it!

Kate Arnold - Communications Manager, People + Culture Strategies

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.