Discover the best places on earth

Posse is a town (in an app) where you can put all your favourite places in the world, and share them with your friends. Novel concept no? Check it out.

We really enjoyed working with the whole team at Posse and Rebekah the CEO had some good things to say about us when we first met.

Campaign messagingBrand strategy Campaign identityIdentity system
App designGame designIA & wireframing
Launching onto a world stage

Posse came to us with some elements and ideas of an existing world. They were set to launch at South by Southwest and we were engaged to re-envision what Posse looked like and how you experienced this world of awesome.

The brief asked for magic so we obliged

We began by flipping the existing concept on its head and completely reimaging how Posse works. What exists today are floating islands, a talking pug, bears that parachute and more.

We worked as Art Directors with James Gulliver Hancock who helped us illustrate the new world.

Some hot air balloon exploration… and the final product below.

Designing apps for web and iPhone

Work began with designing the web and the iPhone app. We sure did get down and (UX) dirty, sleeves up to the elbows, figuring out complex layers of interaction and reimagining them simply for the user. Iterations! Quick, smart and agile.

Scarlett Johansson you ask?

Good spotting! It’s a magic world and although she doesn’t have her own street on Posse just yet there are some Aussie celebs using it. We thought we’d use her in the mock-ups to add some “je n’est ce quoi”. And there’s a general bit of Scarlett love here in the studio amongst the fellas.

Posse roll-out

The identity was rolled out onto multiple touch-points across digital and print and we had some fun designing the on-boarding journey for the app (left).

How do you get a place on Posse?

Well the cool thing is you have to be nominated by your fans to get a spot and your own illustrated shop front.

As part of this experience retailers get their own log-in on the back-end to manage gift giving and relationships with their fans (below).

Hard work and play

There was a lot of good, hard work put into the project and all in the lead up to its launch at South by Southwest. Along the way there were quite a few working sessions, team lunches and some champagne and giant cupcakes towards the end of the journey… fuel for the finish line.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.