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Founded by an experienced Sydney entrepreneur, Rent360 is shaking things up in the rental property management industry, cutting out real estate agents and enabling landlords and property managers to connect directly.

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As a result, they share the benefits of lower fees, and a more personalised service, while property managers are free to manage a wider variety of clients, without being tied to an agent. We were approached to design the platform that makes it all happen.

Designing a simple user experience

To arrive at an MVP for the new offering, we were tasked with designing the marketing website and web-app used by property managers and landlords, to manage the process. With everything from searching, rating and profiling, to in-app contractual signings in the mix, we designed the user flows to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

We went for a card-based interface, to make it easy to browse, profile and attach content to individual properties. This also makes it easy for property managers to manage multiple properties through a personal dashboard, where they can also create simple messaging templates for ease of use, and store and transfer files relating to a property.

With a solid user interface in place, we worked closely with our engineering friends at Helix, who built the private dashboards in the app, and Chop Chop, who built the public marketing website, to bring the whole experience to life.

With a working prototype up and running, we ran a series of one-on-one test sessions with key audiences to make sure our designs were up to the task.

For property managers

When signing up, property managers can choose a preset plan that works for them, or create one that’s customised and tailored to their needs, picking just the services they want included.

Ease in the details

Exclusive to property managers is the ability to set message templates for quick response. Rent360’s messaging functionality also allows the transfer of files, keeping all communication in one place.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.