Mapping the journeys of a bank customer

We can't say a whole lot about this project due to it's confidential nature. What we can say is that we worked with S&C (which has since been acquired by The Boston Consulting Group - congrats guys!) to visualise customer journeys for one of the big four banks in Australia.

These journey maps were used in their strategic consulting sessions with senior management at the bank.

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"Universal Favourite have worked with us a number of times to bring to life and visualize strategically complex business, product and service design challenges. Our key financial services client rated our most recent work together as 'an awesome example of service and experience design'."

Michael Priddis - Managing Director at Strategic & Creative
The right approach and choosing a customer map

Most banks are reasonably good at gathering data on their customers. However, this data cannot communicate the frustrations and experiences these customers have. One of the best tools in our business to help gather and communicate this perspective is the customer journey map.

Mapping for management

The aim of the project was to represent the various journeys and make them easy to navigate and understand by the bank’s senior management; A visual snapshot for a shared understanding by many stakeholders.

The actual vs. wanted experience

To give you an insight the three maps you’ll see pulled out here are: journey of what the bank branches were actually doing, what the customer experience was and what the customers actually wanted. By comparing the different maps to one another we could identify the misalignment.

The thicker the red, the more problematic the “moment” in the journey was – it was like emotional/problem heat mapping.

All in all this project provided a sense of the customer’s greater motivation; what they wished to achieve, and what their expectations of the organization were.

The result

The result was a very easy to digest story of the customer experience and identification of the tools that would help to improve on the process.

All to better the customer experience

Visualising the key interactions that the customer has with the organization, talking about the user’s feelings, motivations and questions for each of these moments is a hugely helpful way to get into what matters when trying to better the customer experience.

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