The E-Challenge

For this project with Symmetra we needed to design a high-level concept for an e-learning tool that could be customised to varying degrees for their corporate clients. The aim of the game was to to educate an organisation's employees on the topic of diversity.

Here we had to find a balance between pushing the boundaries of the interaction, while being mindful of usability principles and ensuring that the experience was easy to follow for all people within an organisation.

Campaign content Identity systemIllustration
Digital strategyIA & wireframingInterface designGame design
Who’s your avatar?

We created avatars to reflect a ‘diverse’ audience, and a variety of facial expressions for the various emotions the avatars might go through when playing the game.

Game development

We went from simple sketches to a living, breathing gameshow.

At the heart of the concept was a gameshow narrative, however the environment was designed in such a way that the setting and look and feel of the game show could be changed completely – the particular laws of reality and physics were unique to this game environment so that strange and interesting things could happen in a believable way.

All the little details

The concept included a game ‘space’ in which any kinds of props could exist, and there was an animated backdrop that could change to give the space very different feels – so that moving from a traditional gameshow studio to a cricket oval to an underground mine was as easy as swapping images. Everything was designed to be a swappable asset – from the characters and their clothes to the backdrop, lighting, props, sounds and more!

Fancy a game of cricket?

We created a Cricket Australia skin — and customised the avatars and environments.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.