The HopeFull Institute

Identity and website design

The HopeFull Institute changes the way young people see themselves. We helped change the way the world sees the brand.

For over a decade The Oxygen Factory had been inspiring young people to make more of their lives, by making sense of their place in the world. Promoting confidence, action and empowerment, their school’s seminar program tackles the issues young people face today.

They’d come a long way. But to reach out to even more people, they needed to grow. That’s where we came in.

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A new school of thought

More than just creating ‘feel good’ moments, the organisation’s seminars are research-based, cleverly designed to fit in with progressive educational agendas. So we got to work creating a brand that would be seen as experienced, yet forward thinking. First up was the name.

We wanted to reflect the collaborative spirit of the organisation, while dialling up the credibility – important when starting a dialogue with schools.

We went with ‘The HopeFull Institute’ as it anchors the power of hope at the heart of the brand. Hope is a strong driver of emotion, and action. It’s grounded in optimism and positivity, and once harnessed, has the power to shift ways of thinking and spark transformations. Enabling young people to be full of hope is at the heart of why the organisation exists. The ‘Institute’ part of the name evokes a strong, establishment feel.


Where experience meets optimism

That was the thought constantly in our minds as we crafted the visual identity. The logo is a mash-up of old and new. An H that’s both contemporary (sans serif on the left) and established (slab serif on the right). The colour palette cuts through the everyday with a vibrant yellow, hinting at bright ideas, optimism and enlightenment, paired with a rich navy blue, to add a touch more authority. This inspired a custom font to be used in collateral that could show the change The HopeFull Institute brings to young people.

This style flows through a series of icons too. Like emojis, they can be used to tell short stories and bring content to life. 😉

Out in the world

With seminars being ephemeral, we wanted to create something tangible to keep the spirit of optimism going after the event. One of the main seminar keepsakes are the workbooks students use on the day. Strong reminders of what they learnt, we designed these books to strike the right balance between informative and effortlessly cool, turning them into a talking point they’ll want to share.

The institute online

We carried the brand across to the digital space with a new website. A hub where institutions can explore and book seminars, and get the lowdown on The HopeFull Institute, it’s the shop window for many, and lifts the lid on the valuable work the organisation does. Check it out at

The big reveal

For the launch of The HopeFull Institute, we created a series of hero pieces. Some digital, like the brochure below, and others good old-fashioned paper based.

One of our faves is this accordion fold booklet. Sent to educational institutions, it reveals the new identity, and offers a sneak preview of all the latest seminars.

We carried on the visual appeal with a stylish tote bag,range of apparel and custom wrapping paper, used to wrap books and information packs sent by The HopeFull Institute.

Developing The HopeFull Institute has been a great adventure with the team at Universal Favourite. It has been a joy to see the concept come to life! Their level of creativity and ability to think outside the box is only matched with their exceptional organisation and knowledge of current trends. Since launching our new brand and website we have seen a marked increase in audience connection post seminar – proof the collateral is having a greater impact. Thank you Universal Favourite.

Belinda Gerreyn - Co-Founder, The HopeFull Institute

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