Glen Gerreyn

The HopeFull Organisation

There is not a person who meets Glen and isn't impressed with his drive, passion and enthusiasm for helping the human race.

He's the kind of guy that has a million and one things on the go and is about to kick-off another. From the first hello we knew we'd love working with Glen. It’s a taste of his pace, his momentum, his manner – they call him the friendly lion.
Now how do you package all of that into an approach for the corporate sector?

To get a sense of how we did it have a look at the website but first keep on reading below!

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A personal brand on the move

Glen’s had national school engagements and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of kids over the years; he’s even written a couple of books on an approach to a good life for young men and women. His message always centres around “hope”. We were engaged to help Glen’s “brand” cross over from schools and into the corporate space, without undermining the success of his schools programs.

In context

We had to establish the right tone and identity for the corporate space, in context of all the other work Glen does and his overarching vision.

Introducing the HopeFull Organisation

The focus is on creating a truly motivated workforce by re-igniting people’s hope. The hope we’re talking about isn’t a spike of personal enthusiasm. It’s the most powerful driver of human achievement.

Hope creates meaning. People who have meaning are engaged. Engaged people take action – in their lives and in their work. And action drives growth, for individuals and for businesses.

A man with a mission

This was not a hard message to articulate. Glen has a vision for the kind of world he’s like to create. We were there to help him structure it into a refined message and positioning.

"Universal Favourite's methods from the very first creative meeting, to design and implementation are exceptional and their ability to delve into the true meaning of what your business is and what you are trying to achieve leaves you gasping. 'How have we never thought of this?' was something we thought often! What they create so closely resonates with your brand you can't believe you have never thought of it, yet it feels so original and exciting you know you never would have!"

Glen Gerreyn
Packaging it all up online

The HopeFull Organisation lives online and you can check it out here. There are elements of Glen sprinkled throughout—from the seminars on “Starting a Revolution” and the Hope Test. Have a go and see how “hopefull” your organisation is.

"Working with Universal Favourite has been a breath of fresh air. From the moment we walked into their office for an initial meeting we knew this was the Branding Team we wanted to work with. UF's level of communication and creativity is second to none. Usually to work with an immensely creative team, you loose communication as organisation can be lacking (terrible stereotype, I know!). But UF have both nailed. Their method to document each and every idea and conversation makes working together completely streamlined and transparent."

Glen Gerreyn

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.