The Wrap Up

2014 end-of-year gifts

We put a whole lot of effort into the gifts we send to our clients and trusted suppliers at the end of each year. It's a chance for us to get together and create something outside of our daily realm of project work. No matter the tight deadlines and the overly complex production spec, we relish it! For the close of 2014 we created "The Wrap Up".

Us helping you become a gifted wrapper. Tips, techniques and paper for the ultimate, stress-free wrapping experience.

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In time for gift giving’s peak season

To wrap up 2014 we thought we would attempt to curb the amount of badly wrapped presents.

As you flip open this oversized A1 booklet you’ll get a set of instructions:
a. Decide what kind of wrapper you are – from a Paper Mangler to an Origami Ninja.
b. Work out how much time you have to wrap.
c. Identify who you’re wrapping for – best part. This is where you get to choose the wrapping paper.

Big thanks to BJ Ball Papers

We were super happy to have BJ Ball on board to sponsor this project, so it was a treat to get their help with carefully selecting stocks for The Wrap Up. Hence this is a very tactile piece – we used kraft, Ecostar, Silk HD gloss and matte…and many more beautiful papers!

Printer where art thou?

The production side of things was quite technical and we used a relatively new print technology. This job was printed on one of only three printers in Australia of their kind.

Working with illustrators

We sourced and worked with illustrators from all over the world to design the wrapping paper – from places like Vietnam, the U.S and of course our sunny Sydney too. You might recognise some of the illustrations above – eboy, Ella Clawley and more.

We also designed a few ourselves.

Giftshop Associate wrapping instructions (above)

Well this would mean you were well passed a Paper Mangler and on the way to becoming an Origami Ninja. Instructions were provided for all levels.

Visual tone

You can tell by reading some of the copy we had fun with the tone of this project. We also wanted to ensure that came through in the style of the icons and what we were presenting visually.

Takashimaya time

And we lovingly Illustrator-ed (new word!) our asses off designing each and every set of instructions for all levels of expertise.

Some were so complex we were working out the method illustrations by watching a YouTube video. The Takashimaya is a killer – you can impress your crush or favourite aunty with that one!

Wrapping for your nana? Your pet? Or a hipster?

Your cousin, twice removed, a bit of a hipster? We have a print for him. Wrapping a gift for your nana or just realised it’s your pet’s birthday? Well, we have a wrapping paper for each of them also.

We fine-tuned it down to 13 profiles for defining the gift recipient and choosing the matching paper. You can see a couple more above – the child at heart, the photo fiend and the nomad among a few. Which one are you?

For ‘the child at heart’

We worked with the Illustrator Lys Bui to figure out what magical creatures we could illustrate for the child at heart. You can see the wrapping paper for this profile below. Not only is it a wrapping paper, it’s also colouring-in paper.

A good reason to gift someone colouring pencils along with whatever else you were thinking of wrapping.

The aim was to create something that made the idea of wrapping a present fun, considered and user friendly, not to mention environmentally conscious. To get ideas on how to give your wrapping paper a second life go to

More on our wrapping papers…

Nathan Peters created this amazing graphic below. Walt’s Wardrobe is a wrapping paper for the true fan. This is the story of Breaking Bad’s Walter White, as told through his outfits in each and every episode.

This is the wrapping paper for The Series Marathoner.

The [Master] Chef

This is one of the papers we designed here in the studio. A collection of recipes on the tastes of summer. Very appropriate for the southern hemisphere Christmas and New Year celebrations.

For your animal companion

Learn the different dialects of Animalese in 2 minutes with the ‘What sound does the __make?’ paper.

Eboy – when you’re wrapping for the geek

This print above from eBoy could be the present for a beloved Geek-friend, so we suggested that people think twice before folding.

Wrapping for a hipster? (right)

The ‘Markings of a Hipster’ by Ella Clawley is illustrated generously with items of importance, likely to be seen as body art on this breed of humans.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.