Gyuto Monks

Echoes of Enlightenment festival identity

"The Gyuto Monks are masters of Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual and their lives are dedicated to practicing tantric ideals. To be with them, to observe and be touched by their humanity, is to see kindness in action."

We've worked alongside The Trish Nicol Agency on many an occasion, and for this project we got the pleasure of meeting Tobi Wilkinson who commissioned us to design the collateral for her exhibition and the festival entitled Echoes of Enlightenment.

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UF was recommended to me by the Trish Nicol PR agency for an exhibition I recently held at the Bondi Pavilion. The creative required needed to draw out the essence of the monks and their work here in Australia, the intent behind the images and the celebratory nature of the opening night – no mean feat. The output of the team at UF hit the mark and I still get stopped and complimented on the invitations many of which are still stuck to fridges around Sydney, long after the event has passed. I have a pretty fierce eye for detail and I am pleased to say that their work lived up to my exacting standards.

Tobi Wilkinson - Photographer
About the red

A little insight into our concept – red was essential.

The monks only own one possession: this is their robe.

The way they wear their robe and the slight differences in the red colour make it unique to each monk.

We worked hard with our printers to ensure the colour printed beautifully for each touch point, from the posters to the programmes and exhibition invites.

They loved the posters

It was nice to hear the posters and other collateral were quite effective, we got a lot of mentions from our community of peers and friends telling us they saw them. It drew this passer by in to see more!

At the festival

There were daily meditations and talks, as well as mandala creation and chanting. We attended the opening ceremony as well as the Jab Khru closing ceremony, see our Yula here leaving a little more enlightened with a blessing from the monks and red bracelet on hand!

A little about the sand mandala

Regarded within Tibetan Buddhism as sacred until 40 years ago, it was rarely seen outside the monasteries.

Have you heard them chanting?

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet are the unique masters of a deep harmonic overtone chanting. Trained for many years, each monk has the capacity to chant in three octaves at once.

A subject of fascination by ethnomusicologists the world over, the sound has been compared to the resonance of a drum or digeridoo and is reputed to have a transformative effect on the physical as well as emotional body.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.