Pull up a (designer) chair and we’ll tell you a story

Valiant has always been a market leader in office furniture. Their custom offering has expanded to cover a broad range of products and services, but many potential clients still only thought of them as experts in furniture rental.

With an offering that now includes services as diverse as property hire, styling, and events management, they were looking to appeal to a wide range of industries, nationwide.

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In an increasingly photogenic world, where good design and the right appearance are becoming more and more important, competition is hotting up. To stay relevant alongside specialist start-ups, and crystalise their proposition, Valiant invited us to refresh their identity and help present a more contemporary take on their position as established leader. The brief was simple: “help us improve brand awareness, generate leads, improve conversion rates and grow market share”.

Cutting a clearer path

We wanted to help Valiant better express their expertise, while making a splash with their interior design and property styling credentials. To create a more contemporary feel, we chose a sophisticated font, and large bold type, which along with a palette of vibrant colours, helped give their knight in shining armour logo some real pop.

We also introduced a flexible design system that would make it easy to always be on trend, creating opportunities to use interior-inspired textures, and striking imagery. The tone of voice was kept friendly and approachable, while adding a dash of playfulness.

Mapping it across touchpoints

To keep all brand elements singing from the same hymn-sheet, we rolled the look out across touchpoints, starting with the design and build of a big bold responsive website.

The site was segmented by offering, and created to leave an impact, while being simple enough for the Valiant team to edit content. We added ‘Quick Quote’ functionality to boost conversions, and added complex filtering to their catalogue of over 1,000 products, helping customers find what they need, faster.

The Valiant online world was expanded into social media assets for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and LinkedIn, along with a series of stylish templates for emails.

Back in the tangible world, we designed a full suite of business cards, and came up with a quirky direct marketing campaign to help test-drive the new brand.

A Moroso in the mail

To help launch the new identity, and signal Valiant’s commitment to design, we created a bespoke direct mail piece, featuring an iconic Moroso chair.

Moroso are one of Italy’s most respected furniture designers. Their Supernatural chair is loved by design fanatics the world over for its bold re-imagining of an everyday furnishing. Valiant have a strong relationship with the brand, and were the first in Australia to stock Moroso’s new Bicolour Supernatural chair.

To help celebrate, we created a limited edition run of custom miniatures of the Supernatural chair. We worked with a Miniaturist to have each one hand-painted to make it unique, before dispatching to clients in an attractive presentation box, along with a beautiful 12 page ‘Mini Moroso Chair’ brochure.

What better way to start a conversation about the latest incarnation of a much loved chair, than a lovable miniature version of one.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.