Vitex Pharmaceuticals

The drive to innovate, reflected in a website.

Some of Australia’s biggest companies aren’t household names, but they still have a story to tell. Australia’s largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods and complementary medicines, Vitex have a full-service offering that ranges from research to supply chain management. They also produce vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements for big brands like Blackmores and Swiss.

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We helped Vitex repackage their online offering

Vitex recently opened a state of the art $100m manufacturing plant, positioning them at the leading edge of innovation. To coincide with the launch of this new site, Vitex approached us to help them with a digital upgrade too.

We worked with the team to understand who visits their website, and shift its focus to better address their needs. We also worked hard to ensure the design and navigation was as clean, sleek and easy to use as one of their tablets, exploring conceptual layout and looks to get to the developed result.

An effective remedy

Visitors to the Vitex site usually have one of four core needs, so we structured the navigation clearly around them, with hero, objective based icons quickly helping people navigate the site find what they need.

Navigation was created around:
1. Make a product
2. Test a product
3. Pack a product
4. Register a product

The homepage itself was given more impact and immediacy, with an engaging, almost hypnotic embedded video that not only made it obvious what Vitex do, but illustrated the scale of their new operations.

To help the team easily share a wide range of stories and features whenever they want to, we developed a series of core templates – the building blocks of a versatile content system.

Finally, to communicate the sheer breadth of Vitex’s offering, we created a simple visualisation of their end to end service, in a navigable infographic

We made sure that the website was the same polished experience for mobile and tablet users, with device-specific designs.

Thanks to a dose of clear thinking, collaboration and clean design, the Vitex brand can look forward to a healthier digital future.

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