The future of working

We worked with Westpac to create a visionary, provocative and inspiring piece of internal communications that would be used to market a new program to key internal stakeholders.

This included a presentation, a video, an animated keynote and oversized "trend" boards. All of this was created to help the core team communicate to the organisation how enabling agile ways of working and innovation will help them deliver on their business strategy in a forever changing world.

Here's just a glimpse due to the confidential nature of this project.

Campaign content Campaign identityIcon designInformation design
Information design and video

We used information design to present detailed insights in a succinct way and the video to help make it engaging. The videos were shot internally with Westpac employees.

And visualising the 5 trends on oversized A0 boards helped to feed the conversation on how life at Westpac will be in the future, not only to senior management, but also in workshops for Westpac teams.

New ways of working

All this in an effort to bring the organisation onto the same page to see what changes need to be made to adapt to the future of work.

Thanks to technology, behaviours and habits that not long ago were a given, have today been completely disrupted – we’re all experiencing new ways of working.

And we’ll finish here with a couple more excerpts from the larger presentation.

If you like what you see and think we would create something amazing, we'd love to hear from you - let's work together.