Solar energy in daily objects


Nowadays we’re used to look at our little screens most of the day so it would make sense to have the possibility to charge our phones while we work, eat or read. Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel previously made a collection of furniture called The Energy Collection in which she showcased how energy and daily objects could be integrated – this time she made an actual table that allows you to charge your phone – on solar energy.


What struck me is how beautiful the design is: somewhat reminiscent of solar panels indeed, but taking it much further by adding coloured glass on the table top and bringing a line pattern in the design of both table top and frame. And it works. Just plug your iPhone into the table and the sun will do the rest. Obviously: the more you leave off the table, the more the table is exposed to sunlight, which is a good motivation to keep your desk tidy and clean at all times, according to the designer. I’m definitely going to get this table as a show piece – just waiting for its release now…

Have a look at Marjan van Aubel’s work here.

0072_table02 0073_table03