The most beautiful machine on earth


Before Braun were famous for electric, man-scaping shavers, they had quite a design legacy. Their products; from watches to radios, were so beautifully and simply executed that they now either cost a small fortune or are sitting in a museum of Modern Art somewhere. These were no happy accidents, they came from the mind of Dieter Rams — a German product designer with such a love of simplification and minimalism that he has since inspired a whole industry of beautiful gadgets and trinkets. His most notable protege is Apple’s head of design, Johnny Ive, who’s respect for the man can be seen in the almost-too-similar, original iPod.


Personally he is a hero of mine, and in my recent acquisition of a radiogram (one of those 60’s cabinets with a record player built in) I kept trying to tempt my significant other into the purchase of a SK55; the most beautiful music-generating-machine of all time. I am not willing to debate on this, it is perfect, nothing comes close. The SK55 is a Phonosuper; both a radio and a record player, an amazingly clean, sharp and simple appliance that just so happens — to my partners joy — to cost a a lot of money.


Thankfully, the folks over at Minimially Minimal have had quite the write up on its inception, as well as a beautiful series of photographs showing it off. I recommend you check it out.