This year, in virtual reality

Everybody seems to be talking about virtual reality (VR) as one of the next big things in tech, which is pretty exciting, as it will likely influence the way designers work (and perhaps sooner than we think!). I thought I’d share three concepts that sound particularly interesting.

VR movies

Innovative things are happening at Oculus VR, a company that has now been acquired by Facebook. A recent concept is Oculus cinema, which creates the illusion through an Oculus Rift headset that you are physically at a cinema, watching a movie. You can walk around the cinema, find a seat, and enjoy. In the works are VR films, a more interactive experience in which you can potentially walk around inside of the movie.


VR food

I’m sure a lot of us have speculated about the idea of VR food, but companies like Project Nourished are making it a reality! Simply put on an Oculus Rift and bite into a jelly-like piece of agar and pectin – you will be sent electrical currents to your taste buds and food smells from an aromatic diffuser, to make it seem as though you’re tasting something delectable.

Project Nourished is still in its formative stages, but the creators hope that one day the technology will allow those with allergies or health issues to eat the things they normally could not.

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Budget VR

With Google cardboard, you can turn your smartphone and a cardboard headset (purchased or DIY) into a budget VR viewer. There are plenty of Google Cardboard compatible apps available at the moment, and the numbers are growing. With these apps, you can experience games, music concerts and alternate worlds.


We can’t help but wonder what’s coming up next.

– Lucy