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There’s nothing like a global pandemic to bring hand sanitiser into the everyday. So how do you turn something sterile into an enjoyable part of daily life while instilling trust in an all-natural product in the pharmaceutical space? Dr. Dri’s creates sustainable home products, and that’s the challenge they had for us. The outcome? A premium yet playful illustration-led brand that commands credibility and looks slick too.

  • Visual identity
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Iconography

What’s all this then? 

Dr. Dri’s is a Canadian company that creates all-natural products for the home, starting with (care of “unprecedented times”) a hand sanitiser. Despite its basis in health, it makes its mark as a direct-to-consumer and retail lifestyle brand, with products as beautiful as they are effective.

Any insights?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer was not in the common vernacular, let alone used day-to-day. The product branding on offer reflected its clinical, sterile nature and, at the time, there was very little need to change. Packaging didn’t serve a wider, everyday market and its ingredients were often skin-drying and pharmaceutical-heavy.

Dr Dri's visual identity

And what seems to be the problem?

Our challenge was to reposition a product previously rarely seen outside a first aid kit to something that connected with a mainstream market. Dr. Dri’s is also rooted in real science and doctor-formulated, so we needed to instill trust in something from the all-natural category, which is often perceived as homeopathic or ineffective.

So how’d you go about it?

The visual identity we created encapsulates a natural yet aspirational and adventurous vibe. The wordmark captures the feeling of the olde apothecaries in a fun, irreverent way and its maturity and trustworthiness is lifted by the elements of the visual suite that supports it. We chose an adventurous yet understated colour palette to not only serve a gender-neutral audience but remind them that it’s okay to keep living life and doing you because Dr. Dri’s has you covered.

Dr Dri's outdoor
Dr Dri's Business cards

An illustration suite both premium and playful

Illustration played a significant part in this project. We created a beautiful suite of simple line drawings inspired by the botanical and scientific drawings of apothecaries past. They highlight the natural ingredients within each product and sit comfortably across any brand collateral, particularly their sustainable packaging. While at first glance, they appear elegant, there’s a lot of playfulness in what the badges and stickers depict —  poking fun of the miracle cure and snake oil claims of yesteryear.

Dr Dri's illustrations
Dr Dri's botanic illustrations
Dr Dri's Hand illustrations
Dr Dri's stickers

And the end result?

Once the entire visual suite comes together, you’ve got a brand identity that feels both naturally down-to-earth and pharmaceutically up-to-standard and would happily hold a place of pride in any shelf or tote bag.

"The brilliant team at UF somehow created something that felt so perfectly ‘us’ but we could never have envisioned it. Their genius creative and strategic team built a holistic brand system that played perfectly across every cultural tension that we discussed in the brief, and their skillful execution immediately elevated our brand and our business to new heights."

Elli Hanson, Co-founder of Dr. Dri's

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