When a category is already cluttered, how do you make a new brand stand out? And when that brand is built on a dental product that changes your physical appearance, how do you make something feel both reassuring and empowering? That was our task for Sincerely — an Australian direct-to-consumer clear aligners service. Across every visual and verbal touchpoint, we built a bright, confident brand for bright, confident customers.

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging
  • Iconography
  • Brand writing


What’s all this then?

Sincerely is an Australian direct-to-consumer clear aligners service. With a mission to uncomplicate the complicated world of dentistry, they offer convenient, premium aligners with 24/7, Australian-based support built on the belief that no one should ever feel unsure when it comes to their teeth.

Any insights?

With the local competitor landscape intensifying, Sincerely would be fifth to hit a market whose consumers were becoming increasingly skeptical of the quality of its products. Among the already-existing brands there also seemed to be a lack of authenticity, with a wealth of picture-perfect marketing coming across as intimidating rather than inviting. 

Sincerely visual identity

And what seems to be the problem?

They came to us in need of a name and brand that would help them stand out in a new but cluttered category and empower people to feel good about being themselves — “flaws” and all. 

So how’d you go about it?

With transparency at the heart of everything they do, they needed a name to match — something honest and assured that avoided the ‘smile’ clichés of their competitors. We landed on Sincerely, a trustworthy moniker that perfectly-aligned with their ethos.

Sincerely visual identity smile

A clear solution to standing out

The identity system needed to feel approachable, professional and honest while standing out in a sea of similar offerings. We wanted to inject brightness and fun into the identity to avoid it feeling too stuffy or clinical. The Sincerely wordmark, with intentionally imprecise forms, sits like a perfectly imperfect set of teeth and the smile motif was created as their signature. It’s their reassuring guarantee that they’re with you every step of the way.

Sincerely outdoor
Sincerely icons
Sincerely website

Saying cheese

Straying away from t-shirts and forced smiles, we art directed a shoot with photographer Benito Martin that celebrated real joy and honest laughter. The photo series is candid and full of life and a reminder that a product that’s part of your everyday should slot into your life with ease, it shouldn’t feel ugly and awkward.

Sincerely model & product shot
Sincerely model & product shot
Sincerely collage
Sincerely model
Sincerely model

A delightful delivery to things straight

As a direct-to-consumer brand with an aligner box that is with you for up to 10 months, nailing the packaging was integral to this project. It needed to be easily usable and easy on the eye. We rebuilt the box from the ground up, taking into account how each item would be used throughout the treatment. An open divider section allows quick access to the current set of aligners and doubles as an indicator of where you’re at in your tooth-straightening journey. The retainer case, chewies, aligner file, denture cleaners and retainer are kept snug and safe in the back section — ready when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Sincerely packaging
Sincerely packaging
Sincerely packaging

A transparent tone of voice

We also needed a tone of voice that was witty yet trusting — like a reassuring friend with a degree they actually put into practice. We worked with copywriter Cat Wall to create a distinct tone of voice that was used across packaging, print collateral and social media.

Sincerely collateral
Sincerely model & product
Sincerely every angle is your good angle

And the end result?

The result was a bright, confident, happy brand for bright, confident, happy people that gives its customers something to really smile about and sets the record straight about dental brands being boring.


  • Photography • Benito Martin
  • 3D Renders • 3D2D
  • Icon Animation • Conlan Normington
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