Fujifilm X100T


I have a thing for ‘ex’s’, not the one(s) who probably made you cry and weren’t a great fit for you, but the one that captures memorable moments in your life. Which is why I had a Sony X100, and after selling that off, recently acquiring Fujifilm’s third iteration of their X100 camera, the newly released X100T, it’s sexier than any ex could be.


I won’t get into the specifications of why the X100T and its predecessors are fantastic cameras (just take a look at Paul Schlemmer’s shots). The fraction of hipster in me is obviously drawn to it’s classic styling and aesthetics, but the original silver edition is notably a handy tool to tote around if you’re looking to meet new people (something I’m not so great with). It’s just a conversation starter, quite useful when you’re wanting to take a stranger’s photograph.

— Bonnie