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Building a trustworthy brand to help men with their health.


Creating a brand system with a clear vision.

Good Pair Days

An end-to-end overhaul for wine (without the pretentiousness).

Studio News

Our new website is live!

Of course you know that, because you’re looking at it. Have a browse around, tell us if you like it, or if you hate it. No wait, don't tell us if you hate it.

D Q&A Webinar

We're thrilled to have launched a new webcast and handbook eight-part series called D Q&A with our favourite Melbourne-based strategy shop untangld.

Every webcast episode features a Q&A panel discussion with a range of guests that have created, guided or invested in popular direct brands from around the world such as (Google, Facebook). 

To find out more visit the D Q&A website below.

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Songs to Stay Home to

Watched everything on Netflix? Finished that 2000 piece gradient puzzle? Sounds like its time to get comfy, put on your nicest work pyjamas and have a littleboogie to our new playlist. ✨

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Taking it slow with KraveBeauty

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that believes the decisions we make should be deliberate. We created a campaign direction that would not only draw attention to their belief in intentionality but be a movement that people were proud to be part of.

We reached Slowdown Skincare, a nod to the idea that skincare isn’t fast fashion and effective sustainability isn’t all or nothing — it’s getting more people to slow down and make more considered consumption decisions.

Read the full case study below.

Case Study

The universe is expanding and so are we

Say hello to Sherry, the newest member of our growing design team. Sherry came to the Universal Favourite crew fresh out of university and with some exciting Sydney-based internships under her belt.

She’s got a keen interest in illustration and learning more about making things move. Aside from a drive to expand her skillset and make her creative mark, she works hard as a way to fund her somewhat obsessive sneaker habit and spoil her baby — a five-year-old Border Collie.

Ready to set things straight?

An Australian direct-to-consumer clear aligners service came to us in need of a name and brand that would help them stand out in the at-home aligner market. We developed their name, identity and packaging - creating an honest brand that feels equally friendly and trustworthy. A bright, confident, happy design for bright confident, happy people. Read the full case study below.

Case Study

Complements now available at Top3 by Design

We’re proud to announce that Complements is now available for purchase at Top3 by Design. Top3 carries up to 3 products per category, showcasing the very best of design pieces around the world.

Curious? Lover of all things chocolate and design?

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We just landed a pretty cool project

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with a digital-first, customer-driven youth brand that aims to make makeup more playful for the Gen Z market. Watch this space. 👀

Stop snoozing!

We've decided to stop snoozing and do our bit to put an end to the alarming decline in honey bee colonies. For each of our clients' birthdays, we donate money on their behalf to the Wheen Bee Foundation.

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