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Future Super

Investing in the future of the planet


A youth entertainment brand for the culturally obsessed.


Pressing reset on the skincare industry

Good Pair Days packaging

Good Pair Days

An end-to-end overhaul for wine (without the pretentiousness).

Studio News

Coming Soon: Mary Mary

Curious, contrary, and coming soon…

Dieline Awards Winners

We're thrilled to have picked up 2 awards at The Dieline Awards this year. We placed first and second in the Ecommerce Packaging category for Youthforia and Mosh. A big thank you to our amazing clients whom we've had the pleasure to work with and a shout out to our amazing partners 3D2D Studio & Think Packaging.

Slow Down Skincare

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with KraveBeauty once again on their Slow Down Skincare initiative. The goal of the platform is to enlighten the skincare industry that thinking sustainably isn’t enough – we need to rethink growth and how we define it. For the 2022 campaign, we partnered with NiceShit studio to produce an animated reimagining of the old fable The Tortoise and the Hare.

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Welcome Mike!

We’re thrilled to announce Mike Kirkpatrick has joined the Universal Family as Design Director!

Mike brings a decade of experience working on big brands and big ideas, across both the UK and Australia. When he’s not complaining about Manchester United, you’ll find him making Spotify playlists with weird names. We’re both nervous and excited about hearing ‘Acid Zumba!’ in the studio. Welcome, Mike!

We're AGDA Awards Winners

Congrats to all the studios, designers and students awarded this year at AGDA! We’re thrilled to have picked up 8 awards, 1 distinction, 7 merits and a judge’s choice for our work with Youthforia, IKU, Mosh and LBDO. A big thank you to all our amazing clients who we've had the pleasure to work with.

Welcome Joy!

We’re delighted to introduce the newest member of the Universal family, Joy Li! Bringing to the table bright ideas and a keen eye for detail, Joy will be a fresh-faced addition to grace the screens of our remote studio. While this isn’t her first rodeo, Joy has accumulated four years of brand experience under her belt and has worked with the likes of Adobe and HP. When she isn’t locked-down, she likes to go outside and snorkelling. We’re glad we can welcome her into our home(s).

New Client: Flaus

Get ready to open wide for Flaus as we help them bring their ingenuity and dedication to sustainability in the oral care and beauty space. We can't wait to welcome you into their world.

Unripe Fish • Unwanted Fantasies

Unripe and unbelievably salty. Sherry’s take on an unripe fish for our ongoing in-house challenge ‘Unwanted Fantasies’. 🍣

Koala Birthday Pin

We love a birthday at UF and each year we design and produce a little wearable pin for our clients. This year the pin represents a donation to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, where we're planting eucalyptus trees to help feed our hungry and dwindling koala population.

The Movie Club

Every month someone from the UF team picks a movie, we all watch it, then come together and have a little banter about it. Got any good movie recommendations? Let us know! 🎥 🍿

New Client: No Mo-Stache

The beauty salon you can fit in your bag is getting a rebrand only we could pull off. Keep your eyes peeled and lips waxed for more to come!

Unwanted Fantasies

Urinal fugitives, udder frisbees and unripe fish – all unfortunate fictions that live in our favourite universe. Introducing “Unwanted Fantasies,” an in-house challenge that will see us take turns to flip an unwanted fantasy into an unbelievable fact. Utterly fascinated? Follow our Instagram (@universalfavourite) to see what we get up to! 🐄

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