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A beauty brand without the boring bits.

Mosh visual identity


Building a trustworthy brand to help men with their health.

Good Pair Days packaging

Good Pair Days

An end-to-end overhaul for wine (without the pretentiousness).

Studio News

We're hiring! Senior designer

We're on the hunt for a Senior Designer to join our growing team. You’ll be working directly with a dynamic team of designers, strategists, writers, and client service to build innovative brands for the changing world.

Apply here

Winning and Grinning

We've had our new look awarded 'Site of the Day' by some of our favourite sites, including Awwwards and Mindsparkle Mag! It's a huge honour to have our hard work recognised by these industry-leading bodies. Big smiles all around.

13th Anniversary

We’re celebrating our 13th birthday! We’ve always felt wise for our age, but now we’ve finally got the facial hair to prove it!

Welcome Jack!

Introducing our newest member to the Universal Family, Jack Forrest! We’re super excited to have Jack join the team, bringing his excellent eye for typography, composition and colour. Jack has already forged his own path in the design scene but for now has agreed to stoop down to our humble following and join us in crafting beautiful brands.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to all those who are celebrating! Here’s to more happiness and prosperity in 2021 🐂❤️

UF Offsite 2020

We escaped to Cattai for the weekend for our 2020 UF Offsite! We’re all feeling incredibly lucky to be able to spend some much needed quality time with each other after the whirlwind that’s been 2020.

The Movie Club

Every month someone from the UF team picks a movie, we all watch it, then come together and have a little banter about it. Got any good movie recommendations? Let us know! 🎥 🍿

New Client: TAFE

We’ve been working with TAFE to help them develop their Connected Learning guide in order to better facilitate remote learning. With the need for Connected Learning to be more widely available and accessible during these unprecedented times, this project felt particularly important to us and relevant to the changing nature of how we learn and work.

New Client: Tropic Labs

We’re excited to be working with Tropic Labs, a body care brand that creates effective, innovative products backed by science for people that want to add a little getaway to their everyday. Universal Favourite and Tropic Labs, we’ve got great chemistry.

Our new website is live!

Of course you know that, because you’re looking at it. Have a browse around, tell us if you like it, or if you hate it. No wait, don't tell us if you hate it.

Songs to Stay Home to

Watched everything on Netflix? Finished that 2000 piece gradient puzzle? Sounds like its time to get comfy, put on your nicest work pyjamas and have a littleboogie to our new playlist. ✨

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Taking it slow with KraveBeauty

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that believes the decisions we make should be deliberate. We created a campaign direction that would not only draw attention to their belief in intentionality but be a movement that people were proud to be part of.

We reached Slowdown Skincare, a nod to the idea that skincare isn’t fast fashion and effective sustainability isn’t all or nothing — it’s getting more people to slow down and make more considered consumption decisions.

Read the full case study below.

Case Study

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